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Welcome to Historic Norwood
in Birmingham, Alabama!

This website was created to serve as a communication tool, both for
our neighbors in Norwood and for visitors who might want
to learn more about our neighborhood.

"The coming together of such people is no happy accident. Like attracts
like. The bond between those who love Nature and the sane, fine things of
society holds with more enduring grasp than hoops of steel"

"This is one of the inestimable opportunities of a new residential
community--space for those of kindred taste and intimate associations to
flock together. But it should be made clear that there is no narrow
clannishness in Norwood. All are neighbors, and every citizen is
enthusiastically active in promoting its growth and well-being.
Emphatically, Norwood is advertised by its loving friends."

From: Norwood: The Placid Place
Published by Birmingham Realty, c. 1915

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